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Orycon Product Showcase


Here are a few testimonials from some of our customers over the years explaining how Orycon made their injection molding applications a success.

Dear Orycon,


We have just finished sampling the Orycon Heated Sprue Bushing in our Ingersoll-Rand Housing Mold. The results are very encouraging. Start-up was quick and easy, and the control of the material's melt temperature within the bushing was closer to the barrels total heat profiles unlike other technologies we've used.


Having even control of the heats within the bushing greatly reduced, and in some cases eliminated the splay we see on the surface of the part...


Thank you very much for your help.




Rick Griffin

Key Account Mngr

Alliance Precision Plastics Corp.


Dear Orycon,


I just want to thank you for your help in keeping our plant running efficiently and economically.

Your service with Hot Runner Controllers is above and beyond the call of duty.

Every time we have called on you with an emergency situation, usually created by our "third shift", you have responded promptly and at reasonable fees.

The durability of your Controller has exceeded our best expectations, and we are pleased to have you as our vendor.

Coupled with the Orycon Nozzles, and manifolds that we use in our DD-160-D and BK-BP312D molds, they make a perfect combination of products.


Thanks again, and keep up the good work.




Robert Allabaugh

Tooling Engineer

P & E Inc.

Orlando, FL


Dear Orycon,


For over 20 years we have used Orycon Controllers in our molding operation and Orycon Hot Runner Systems in our molds.


I want to let you know that although the technology of your products has evolved with the industry, and we have purchased a great number of controllers from you, the first controller you supplied us is still in use today helping us mold quality parts.


We have found your Hot Runner Systems easy and fast to start up, easy to color change, very durable and competitively priced.


Thank you for your service and support.


Terry Hendler,

Duerr Tool and Die Co.





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