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Visually and structurally perfect parts can now be molded using the new T-700-BB Sequential Valve Gate Controller introduced by Orycon (Ocean NJ 07712, USA).


The new T-700-BB controller comes in a mobile housing, has a touch screen with high resolution graphics and is available in standard models of 8,16 and 24 control zones.


Because each zone can operate up to 8 times per cycle, (for a total of 96 operations per cycle when using a 12 zone unit and 192 operations per cycle using a 24 zone unit), control of the melt flow pattern in the cavity can be improved by a factor of 4 over the average unit in the field today. Although these requirements may be rare ones, they are available when necessary, and allow the elimination of flow lines, cold welds and other defects. The ability to operate based on both time and screw position is standard with all units. Set-up increments are 0.01 second when operating based on time and 0.01% of screw travel when operating in position mode. Trip points for opening and closing the Valve Gates can be entered by sliding markers across the screen or by entering the desired timing or position utilizing a pop-up keypad.

The Orycon T-700-BB All-in-One Valve Gate Controller

The Orycon T-700-BB has its own pressure tank, accumulator, oil cooler and is an all-in-one unit that can be easily moved from press to press as required.


Signals from the press such as Injection Start, Hold and Pack, Position Transducer, Dry Contacts and Alarms can be monitored by the T-700-BB giving the operator a wide choice of set-up options.


Control all of the T-700-BB’s functions from the high-resolution touchscreen interface.

The most noticeable feature of the T-700-BB is the touch screen interface which makes all the gate open and close operations visible at a glance. The radar-like sweep bar allows the operator to see in real time which gates are being operated at any particular point.


The ease of programming and editing set-ups intuitively is an added bonus and a vast improvement over the standard PLCs common in other models used in the industry. The on-board manual can be called up on the screen with the tap of a finger should the operator have a question or need a reminder on how to use a function.  The ability to save, copy

and edit up to 500 programs makes the new Orycon T-700-BB a user friendly tool and a valuable addition to any injection molding shop floor.


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