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Saving resources also makes economic sensed

ORYCON strives and supports a greener environment.


By their very nature, our products inherently eliminate waste and reduce the consumption of valuable resources and energy. In addition, our manufacturing engineering has made great strides in the removal of harmful materials from our process and from our products, working towards a better future for our planet.


ORYCON HOT RUNNER SYSTEMS allow the production of higher quality plastic parts which translates into less rejects, less material waste and less power consumption. Specifically, we contribute to a greener environment in the following ways:


• By eliminating the plastic material of the runner, which can be heavier than the part itself.


• By allowing the production of thinner walled parts without reducing the strength.


• By allowing faster production cycles, products can be manufactured using less energy


• By increasing efficiency, higher production volumes can be achieved without increasing plant size and carbon footprint.


• ORYCON'S HOT RUNNER CONTROLLERS allow manifold and mold heating in the most efficient manner and reduce the energy consumption associated with the "over-under mode" of conventional control systems.


We believe that by using our resources wisely we can accomplish great improvements for ourselves and generations to come. There is an immediate benefit to improved efficiency: Saving resources also makes economic sense.


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