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POSI-GATE™ Valve Gate Controllers are simple, effective and economical solutions for controlling the operation of single or double zone Pneumatic valve gated molds.


Due to its large capacity, the PG-10 is able of controlling from 1 to several Valve Gates simultaneously.  Ease of operation, reliability and long life are the main design objectives of this unit.

In order to facilitate programming and set-up, the POSI-GATE™ is equipped with one timer to control the open time of the gate. The countdown timer also helps with visualization of the cycle stage at any one point. Timing accuracy is +/- 1ms.


The cycle can be initiated either by a micro-switch contact at the mold closing or by closing dry contacts of a relay at the injection molding press.


The PG-10 comes complete with all mating quick-disconnect couplings and 12’ cable with pre-wired connector at one end. Standard operating voltage is 110 VAC, or 220 VAC on request.


The PG-20 can be used to operate valve gates sequentially at two different times.  Set-up of both units is straight-forward.  Instructions are located on a label on the back of each unit.


PG-10 Single Zone

PG-20 Double Zone

PG-40 Four Zone


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