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Offers:    Intuitive operator interface, Flexibility in configuration and Versatility in use

The T-700 Touch Screen proprietary (Patent Pending) software offers outstanding graphics clarity, greater computing power, intuitive operator interface and simplified service and maintenance.

Standard features:

• 12 or 24 control zones for 24 VDC solenoid valves.

• Up to 8 events per zone per cycle.

• Operating sequence based   on time or on screw

  position (User selectable).

• Memory for up to 500 set-ups.

• Controls Pneumatic

  or Hydraulic Valve Gates.

• Euromap compliant connectors

  for press communications.

• Optional stack light and horn

  for alarm condition.

• Control cable to valve pack (12’ long) included.

• Matching pressure unit optional.

• Matching solenoid valve pack optional.

Solenoid Valve Pack T-700-SV(XX)

Complete with quick disconnect couplings, the Orycon Solenoid Valve Pack is available in single and double solenoid versions and can be configured from 4 to 12 hydraulic zones.

Connectors are Euromap compatible and it can be supplied assembled to the HP4 Pressure Tank Unit or as a stand alone pack.


Single solenoid valves are normally ported to the “Close” side of the valve gates. When energized, the pressure is switched to open the gates.


Double solenoid valves require to be energized when gates are closed and when gates are open. Standard coil voltage is 24 VDC.

Pressure Tank T-700-HP4

2 HP pump motor can produce up to 3000 PSI of hydraulic pressure.  It is equipped with one gauge for monitoring the relief valve and one gauge for the return line pressure in order to detect if filter needs replacing.  Sensors for over-pressure and oil overheating are optional.


Pressure tank is supplied with the following:

- Easily replaceable oil filter

- 5 gallon reservoir

- Motor 220-440 VAC 3 phase

- Shipped set for 400 PSI line pressure

- Units above 8 zones supplied with accumulator

Valve Pack / Pressure Tank Assembly

When the Tank and the Valve Pack are purchased together, they are supplied as an assembly mounted on a platform complete with casters for easy repositioning on the factory floor.


Hydraulic hoses with quick disconnects are optional.



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