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The Next Level of Control

• Accurate

• Expandable

 • Reliable

 • Static-cooled

ORYCON  T-500  Hot  Runner Temperature  Controller employs static cooling.with a low-velocity fan reducing the air-flow requirements   to keep the internal components cleaner and to operate more reliably and accurately.


This feature make the T-500 the ideal controller for clean room operation.


Redundant algorithms, state-of-the-art microprocessors, and intuitive operator interface make the Orycon T-500 the most practical tool for handling virtually any Hot Runner System available.


The architecture of the Orycon T-500 is based on 36 zone blocks, expandable in increments of 36 zones.  Each block consists of (6) removable 6-zone cards.


Connectors to the mold, located in the back of the unit, can be supplied in a variety of styles and standards to meet the requirement of any molding facility. Our unit  has a built-in initial test cycle that automatically determines the type of algorithm most suited for the control application.


• Intuitive - Logical operator interface.

Inputs and prompts use industry terminology.


• Precise - Accurate control translates to better gate vestiges and higher quality parts.  Can be re-calibrated on the shop floor.


• Helpful - 14 diagnostic messages for start-up and troubleshooting without guesswork.  Job profiles are stored for later recall.


T-500 Main Screen

• Reliable- Sturdy construction, tolerant of electrical line variations and harsh environments.


• Adaptive - Adjusts to changing conditions as they develop. Constantly re-calculates control parameters, and  makes quick revisions if necessary. Uses self-compensation to continue running  if the thermocouple fails.


T-500 Zone Details Screen

• Responsive -  Zones are directly monitored and controlled individually, resulting in the most dynamic power feedback.


• Versatile -The ORYCON T-500  Series Controllers are designed to be true “plug and go” units. They are available in a variety of voltages and with several styles  of  connectors.


• Economical - Durability, low maintenance requirements, and low initial cost make the ORYCON T-500 an outstanding value for any molding operation.





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