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• Intuitive, user-friendly instructions for basic operation, easy to remember commands for full diagnostics display

• State-of-the-art, updated powerful microprocessor based with fast responding proprietary " fuzzy logic"

• Field calibration by user

• 15 diagnostic messages make it easy to troubleshoot, start-up and operate

• Auto averaging with memory for continued operation without thermocouple continuously recalculating P.I.D.

• Boost feature for quickly raising temperature to 200° above set point with automatic return to original set point

• Can interface with remote or local PC for a variety of additional features including ISO 9000 requirements, SPC, and

   Production Control

• Dual set-up ability either from PC or front panel

• Current sensing and monitoring ability with display of zone AMPS when current is at 100% or load at the time inquiry

   is made by pressing the "down" and "closed/open loop" buttons simultaneously

• Rugged, durable, instrument quality accuracy

• Easily visible set-point and actual temperature display

• Two pole switch cuts off both legs of power to heater



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